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NREL’s Bioreactor Finds the Perfect Location for Algae Growth

NREL’s Simulated Algal Growth Environment reactor is a one-of-a-kind bioreactor living up to its name.

NREL Senior Scientist Lieve Laurens explains, “We can model how a particular strain would grow in different locations around the United States, and how this impacts the oil productivity,” as well as the general biochemical composition of the biomass.

This enhanced algae growth can lead to the production of diesel, butanol, ethanol, and other fuels useful to industry- a positive outlook for the future of the algae industry.

Dr. Laurens is also chair of ABO’s Technical Standards Committee, which recently released Algae Industry Measurements, Version 6, and ABO publication that sets up a common language to evaluate algae operations regardless of the technological approach they take.


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