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An Operator’s Manual for Building the Algae Industry

The Algae Biomass Organization announced the publication of “Industrial Algae Measurements, Version 6.0” (IAM 6.0), a document that sets standards to measure and compare diverse algae industry operations.

IAM 6.0 is a collaboration of more than 30 industry experts and organizations providing a “methodology and common descriptive language that can be applied across a variety of algae operations, regardless of size, technology or end products.”

“The fast pace of development in the algae industry makes a standard-setting document like this absolutely necessary,” said Dr. Lieve Laurens, Chair of the ABO’s Technical Standards Committee and Senior Scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. “The descriptive language established by the ABO will help compare and quantify how diverse algae technologies are performing, and how they measure up at commercial production scale. This can help give information to commercial and industrial groups and could be considered an operator’s manual for building the algae industry. The document provides references and resources for anyone looking into regulatory, characterization, and certification routes for biofuels and bioproducts.”

The IAM 6.0 document will be a crucial reference as companies develop and improve new technologies to create fuels, feeds, nutritional supplements, biochemical and other products from algae.

What may soon be considered “an operator’s manual for building the algae industry” is available here as a free download.

More information about IAM 6.0 can be found in this press release.


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