Policy Priorities

ABO advocates for policies that advance the development and growth of the algae industry. Our current priorities reflect a need to promote advanced technology development, as well as a new generation of algae-based products and services entering the market:

Advancing Algae Agriculture and the Rural Economy

The latest Farm Bill includes several new provisions that will dramatically expand the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) support for algae farming. ABO is working to ensure these new provision are implemented as quickly as possible, including:

  • New funding opportunities under an Algae Agriculture Research Program
  • Changes that will qualify algae technologies for support from the Biomass Crop Assistance Program, Biobased Markets Program (BioPreferred), and the Biorefinery Assistance (9003 Loan Guarantee) Program
  • A new algae crop insurance program      

Streamlining Regulatory Approvals for Algae-Based Products and Services

ABO works with its members and allies in several markets to streamline the regulatory review of new products made from algae, or services that can be provided with advanced algae technologies. These can include regulations for:

  • Food and feed – ABO is working to streamline FDA approvals of algae-based products that can provide healthy, sustainable and high-performing nutrition for people and animals.
  • Fuel and energy – ABO supports swift approvals of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) pathways at the Environmental Protection Agency

Maximizing Energy, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Water Investments

ABO is working to ensure robust investments in algae technologies across several industrial sectors, including advocating for:

  • Advanced R&D funding at the US Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, USDA and other agencies
  • Infrastructure investments in algae projects and facilities
  • Tax reforms that streamline algae technology investments, such as:
    • the implementation of 45Q reforms that will qualify non-geologic forms of carbon capture and utilization
    • the extension of the 2nd Generation Biofuel Tax Credit
    • the inclusion of algae-based products in renewable chemical tax reforms.
  • Biotechnology – ABO supports regulations that can ensure algae technologies are deployed in an efficient and responsible manner