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What Makes a Blue Moon Halloween Even Better? Algae!

Who doesn’t love an excuse to make some spooky treats for the Halloween season? If you are looking for natural, brilliant color for your cookies, cupcakes and more, be sure experiment with some of these algae-based ingredients:

  • This year will be a very rare blue moon Halloween. So consider using the deep blue pigments from spirulina phcycyanin (available online, here’s an Amazon source) in a “scream cheese” frosting to make blue moon cupcakes.
  • And the iconic Hallween orange is easy to get without using artificial colors. Desserts, drinks and more can be easily deliver a bright orange pop with a little dunaliella salina powder.
  • And make the fright real with Halloween’s most terrifying color: Blood red with algae-based astaxanthin powder. 

These algae colors may be fun, but they also presage a wave of algae-based products that are just beginning to make an enormous impact on our lives. Some of the cutting-edge applications include algae-based skis from WNDR Alpine; plastics and foams for shoes, backbacks and other items developed by BLOOM; and soil amendments developed by Heliae, Accelergy, AlgEternal and other ABO members.

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Have a safe, but spooky, Halloween!

 Moon photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

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