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Algae Biomass Organization Welcomes AlgEternal Technologies as Newest Platinum Member

AlgEternal CEO David Ramjohn Joins ABO’s Board of Directors

WASHINGTON, DC (March 26, 2019) The Algae Biomass Organization (ABO), the trade association for the algae industry, today announced that AlgEternal Technologies, LLC, a producer of high-value products from microalgae, has joined as the group’s latest platinum-level member. David Ramjohn, Chief Executive Officer of AlgEternal, has also taken a seat on ABO’s Board of Directors. Ramjohn has been an individual member of the ABO since 2013 and, as CEO of AlgEternal, envisions enormous benefits from the new corporate membership.

“AlgEternal intends to create sustainable, highly profitable, economic activity in several multi-billion dollar markets, and recognizes the value of participating in a trade organization that shares a big vision for the future of algae farming and product development,” said Ramjohn. “We look forward to contributing to the ABO’s efforts in legislation and policy development and public awareness, thereby creating opportunities for algae farming to become a source of superior environmentally-friendly products and services, economic security and global sustainability. I encourage all algae businesses to join the ABO; add your voices to the clarion call for this emerging industry that has the potential to effect a step-change for humankind.”

AlgEternal Technologies LLC, based in La Grange, Texas, is a vertically-integrated producer of high-value products from microalgae. AlgEternal grows microalgae in its patented photobioreactor (PBR) technology: the “Vertical Growth Module™” (VGM™), which allows controlled production of microalgae at commercial scale. The company seeks to systematically apply microalgae as a sustainable, integrated solution to the major existing and emerging issues facing the world, e.g. soil depletion, food production, global warming and climate change, water treatment, and the replacement of petroleum as a feedstock for non-fuel products, with greater environmental, social, and economic benefits.

“AlgEternal has rapidly become one of the leading companies producing a new generation of innovative and high-performing products from microalgae,” said Mark Allen, Chair of ABO’s Board of Directors and Vice President of Integrated Carbon Solutions at Accelergy Corporation. “They are an invaluable addition to the momentum behind ABO’s efforts to develop this new kind of agriculture, and all of the advantages it can bring.”

AlgEternal joins ABO as dozens of new products made possible by commercial algae production are entering consumer and industrial markets. New algae technologies have allowed for innovations in sustainable animal protein alternatives, cooking oils, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and skin care, aquaculture and animal feeds, soil amendments, fertilizers, clothing and footwear, sports equipment, water treatment, biofuels and much more. The ability for algae to grow rapidly, ease pressures on water and land use, and absorb millions of tons of industrial carbon dioxide contribute to improving the sustainability of a wide diversity of products and services.

The growth in multiple markets has helped ABO coordinate a dramatic increase in support for this new industry. Recent legislation has improved federal support for algae agriculture, and new investments are being made in production and new product development.

Dozens of these new products and other industry milestones will be featured at ABO’s annual Algae Biomass Summit, being held in Orlando, Florida, September 16-19, 2019.

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