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Algenol Biofuels on Algae TV

Be sure to view this great new series of videos from ABO member company Algenol Biofuels. Algenol recently announced their technology was producing algae-derived fuels at a rate of more than 9000 gallons per acre for less than $1.30 per gallon, and that they are ready to begin building commercial facilities. It is a great accomplishment and direct evidence of the algae industry’s progress.

Algenol’s technology uses algae grown in modular photobioreactors to make ethanol, diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.  Additionally, the process generates 1.4 gallons of fresh water for every gallon of fuel. That’s an impressive advantage that few, if any, energy technologies can claim.

The first video in Algenol’s series introduces the company and their innovative, bold approach to changing how we get our fuel:

As part of ABO’s Summer of Algae education campaign Algenol offered a tour of their facilities to attendees of the 2013 Algae Biomass Summit. For those unable to get a first-hand look at that event, Algenol has a video tour as part of the series:

All of Algenol’s videos are available on their Youtube channel, with more expected to be posted soon.


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