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Introducing the Algal Biomass Organization’s New Blog

The algae industry is growing fast, and more people everywhere are taking notice that algae is going to be a new source of fuels, food and a host of other products in the very near future.

To keep track of the fast-paced developments in the industry the Algal Biomass Organization is kicking off its first blog.

Starting today, ABO’s blog will be a new resource for our members, media, entrepreneurs, seasoned experts and even algae novices.

We will be using this space to recognize the milestones that are constantly being reached by algae companies and researchers. It seems like there is almost daily progress reports about using this fast-growing organism to produce fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel, biodiesel and ethanol. And there are already significant markets developing for algae-derived agricultural feed, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, fertilizers, plastics, and specialty chemicals. We’ll be looking into all of these and more.

As the trade organization for the industry, you can expect us to keep track of legislative developments that affect algae, and R&D opportunities for technology or commercialization projects.

We’ll also be adding our own perspective, and will be inviting ABO members and industry experts to weigh in with posts of their own.

Along the way we will keep writing about algae’s potential, how it grows, what it can do, and how rapidly algae is becoming a large-scale commercial success.

This industry is moving too quickly for ABO not to have a place that analyzes events and puts them into context with the huge investments that are being made, or the enormous challenges that can be addressed with one of the most versatile organism on the planet.

So keep an eye on the ABO blog; we’ll be chronicling the industry’s growth as it happens.

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