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Become an Ocean Farmer With the Help of GreenWave

The incredible economic and environmental advantages of farming shellfish and seaweed is gaining attention as the world seeks solutions to climate change, food production, and greener inputs for everything from clothes and plastics to fuel. Regenerative ocean farming is an attractive business opportunity, but there are few resources that offer individuals a pathway to building a career in this promising industry of the future. That’s what GreenWave, one of ABO’s newest members, was founded for. 

The Connecticut-based non-profit is on a mission to catalyze a regenerative ocean farming industry made up of small farms growing restorative crops such as seaweed and shellfish. Their goal is to train and support 10,000 regenerative ocean farmers in the next 10 years. To get there, GreenWave provides a mix of high- and low-touch training opportunities and resources for aspiring farmers that want to learn regenerative ocean farming techniques, secure a lease, permits, and equipment, and access the market opportunities that can get revenues flowing. 

GreenWave has trained and supported more than 730 farmers and hatchery technicians throughout New England, California, New York, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and beyond. Thousands more are on their waitlist. Regenerative ocean farming is a model that focuses on the power of small to medium scale independent farmers to create an industry that can provide thousands of jobs as well as products that can enhance global sustainability. 

“ABO’s focus on building markets and technologies for algae and macroalgae, such as kelp, dovetails perfectly with the business development and mentoring goals of GreenWave,” said Rebecca White, ABO’s executive director. “We are proud to partner with their project and look forward to joining forces to build the ocean farming industry the world needs.”

The potential for the seaweed industry is enormous. One recent study estimates the industry will grow to $92 billion by 2025 across a diverse range of markets including food, fertilizer, animal feed, and bioplastics. 

Moreover, GreenWave’s model has lowered the barriers to entry to a business that already has economic and environmental advantages. Bivalves and seaweed farming requires zero inputs (no freshwater, fertilizer, feed, or land), can improve water quality, sequester carbon, and rebuild reef ecosystems. And GreenWave estimates that a mature 20-acre regenerative ocean farm can net more than $100,000 annually. 

In addition to hands-on training, GreenWave has introduced a number of tools to help those interested in becoming ocean farmers, including an online seed-to-sale Regenerative Ocean Farming Toolkit, region-specific workshops, internships and participation in a growing farmer network. 

“We are deeply excited to join ABO’s network as we scale our tools that can help people build their own ocean farming businesses,” said BrenSmith, GreenWave’s Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder.

GreenWave joined ABO as a Bronze-level member, our newest membership category built specifically for early stage startups and organizations. Welcome GreenWave!

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