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ABO’s New Membership Category for Startups

ABO has introduced a new Bronze membership category for early stage algae ventures that are bringing new technologies, products or processes into the market. 

ABO's first bronze members.

The new category has been designed to help algae entrepreneurs take advantage of more opportunities as economic growth recovers in the wake of the pandemic, as well as an increasing demand for cutting-edge innovations that can address global challenges.

A membership designed for the unique challenges faced by startups

As any founder knows, resources have to be carefully allocated in the early days of a company’s life, but it is also critical to take advantage of the networks, expertise and influence that can be found in places like an industry’s trade organization, such as the Algae Biomass Organization. 

To better accommodate the unique needs of startups, ABO’s bronze member category comes with lower fees, and is exclusive to new ventures that are looking to engage with the broader algae community as a way to accelerate their growth. 

The new membership is designed to be an entry into the community of ABO, and there are some special requirements to qualify. Companies must be less than 5 years old, or with fewer than 5 years of revenue. After two years at the bronze level, members will be expected to upgrade to one of our higher tiers.  

The bronze membership category is an excellent option for cutting-edge innovators that need more from ABO than what can be found in our individual memberships. The expanded benefits include additional resources to:

  • Discover the latest technologies and applications.
  • Learn how to access the wide range of markets seeking algae applications: food, feed, bioplastics, pharmaceuticals, fuel, soil health, water treatment and more. 
  • New talent and workforce development programs.
  • Learn about federal funding opportunities, and work with other members to build compelling applications.
  • Enjoy reciprocal member benefits with ABO’s global partners, such as the European Algae Biomass Association. 
  • Be recognized on ABO’s websites, newsletters, social media and at ABO events as being part of a worldwide collaboration that is building a multi-billion dollar industry based on advanced algae cultivation.

Creating a rising tide of early stage algae ventures

ABO’s first bronze members include Arizona Algae Products, Algix, Greenwave, and Seagrove Kelp Company. All of these companies have the potential to dispute markets with new algae applications, and they all now have the full weight of the industry’s leading trade organization behind them. 

“Algae startups are looking at a period of incredible opportunity in the funding environment, market potential and regulatory support,” said Rebecca White, executive director of the Algae Biomass Organization. “We developed the bronze membership category so these entrepreneurs can join voices, build collaborations and be part of a rising tide that lifts all boats. Together we can be ready for the exciting times ahead.”

More information about ABO’s Bronze Membership category, and others can be found here.

To reach out about becoming a member please contact ABO today!

Benefits of Membership

Put yourself at the forefront of the algae industry, where algae products, services, and research meet the challenges of our planet’s most pressing issues today.
Members also benefit from:
  • A voice on ABO policy initiatives.
  • Access to members-only resources.
  • Discounted pricing to ABO events, and more!
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