The First European Standard for Algae and Algae Products

April, 27 / 2020

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has released the first European standard for algae and algae products, an important milestone for establishing common baselines for an industry that is beginning to impact more markets than ever.

Known as EN 17399:2020 ‘Algae and algae products – Terms and definitions’, the standards not only clarify terms and conditions for algae products, they also set up a foundation for regulations that can ease the entrance of algae into various markets.

For several years Algae Biomass Organization Technical Standards Committee has been developing a set of industry-established measurement standards, with the latest version known as Industrial Algae Measurements, Version 8.0, that can establish a common language of measurement for aquatic biomass production. It is encouraging to see an the official European standards body adopt a standard that the industry can use to more efficiently manage its rapid growth.

For more information about the European standard visit the CEN website.