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A New Cookbook that Brings Algae to the Table

IKEA’s research and design laboratory, known as SPACE10, released this month a new cookbook that looks to close the gap between the trends shaping the future of food, and what people actually want to eat. Algae is naturally a key ingredient. 

Future Food Today is a collection of recipes that acknowledges growing global populations are going to be demanding more food and that existing production systems simply can’t keep up. Algae, which grow incredibly fast without the pressures on freshwater or farmland of traditional crops, are an ideal way to meet those demands around the globe without adding additional sustainability pressures. 

The book features recipes for algae chips, using spirulina as an ingredient in a variety of dishes (including a bright green hot dog bun), and even some inspiration to grow your own algae at home. 

Algae is not the only new ingredient some of the recipes explore. Insects and other alternative protein sources are also options for the adventurous cook.

“Some of the recipes call for ingredients you may not have seen before, others are good old kitchen classics. We wanted to engage as many people as possible in this conversation, from well seasoned gourmandes to aspirational foodies. It really is a book for everyone, as long as you have a curious mind and have an interest in exploring a more sustainable future,” said Simon Perez, SPACE10’s Chef and Food Designer.

Learn more about the book at SPACE10’s website. 

Dozens of researchers, designers, entrepreneurs and investors are working to put algae on the table as global populations grow. Algae may be one of the only crops of the future that can satisfy our need for new protein without degrading valuable ecosystems. 

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