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Your Holiday Algae Talking Points

Is your holiday party schedule full? Do you need some good fodder for small talk with family, friends and coworkers? ABO’s annual list of holiday party talking points is here. Keep these handy and you’ll always be able to focus the conversion onto algae.

Everybody can get behind algae

Algae is the crop of the future, and it has so many applications that supporting this technology isn’t a partisan issue. There’s even a Congressional Algae Caucus of Democrats and Republicans working together to advance algae’s potential as a solution to many of the food, economic, and environmental challenges facing the world today. 

Who’s doing the dishes? Water down the drain might be headed for treatment with algae

One of the fastest growing applications for algae is in wastewater treatment, and it’s proving to be a win-win. At the Algae Biomass Summit this year a tour showed off an advanced system in Salt Lake City built by CLEARAS Water Recovery. The plant is going to grow algae as part of the treatment process, removing phosphorus or other nutrients, and even capturing greenhouse gases. It’s one example among hundreds of others in the US and the world where algae is cleaning our water.

Is there algae on the menu?

Advanced algae cultivation and harvesting technologies are just beginning to have an impact in what we eat.

One trailblazing company recently put an algae-based nutrition bar on the market. Others are creating algae cooking oils, mayo, omega-3 nutritional ingredients and more!

Working off the extra pounds gained during the holidays? Strap on a pair of algae shoes, or grab an algae surfboard! 

ABO member Algix worked with their partners at Vivo Barefoot to deliver the first algae-based shoes, perfect for working out. And at UC-San Diego the first algae surfboards are being made. Get yours at the Algae Foundation’s online auction underway right now!

Kick back with our algae cocktail of 2018: The algae colada!

It may be cold outside but we can still reminisce about warm weather. Grab your favorite algae smoothie and mix up our take on the pina colada.

3 oz (3 parts) prepared juice or smoothie with algae (we like Odwalla’s “Original Superfood”)
1 oz (one part) White rum
1 oz (one part) Coconut cream

Preparation: Mix with crushed ice until smooth. Pour into chilled glass, garnish and serve.

Happy Holidays from the team at the Algae Biomass Organization!

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