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A New Algae Nutrition Bar Available Today

If you were at last month’s Algae Biomass Summit you probably remember getting a sneak peek at the Nonbar by Nonfood— an algae-based nutrition bar that’s leading a revolution in how, and what, we eat.

Today, Nonfood is putting the Nonbar on the market. With their first batch consisting of only 2,500 Nonbars, this ready-to-eat food product boasts algae as its main ingredient. This vegan treat offers a full spectrum of nutrients, as it’s high in protein, low in carbohydrates, has less than a gram of sugar and is full of iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants.

Why the “Non” you ask? Well, according to Los Angeles-based Nonfood, “Every food was once a nonfood. The food we eat today is completely unlike what people ate 200 years ago. Culture changes. Non-foods become foods. We are embracing new food options to build a healthy and sustainable future. Evolve your taste by trying something new and unfamiliar.”

Visit eatnonfood.com to buy Nonbar today!

Those of us at ABO will be sure to buy several and share them with friend and family. Be part of the revolution to bring this crop of the future—algae—in to the hands of consumers everywhere.

The Nonbar is 42% algae and aquatic plant ingredients (far more than virtually any other ready-to-eat product). Its current form includes “spirulina” (arthrospira platensis), lemna (fast growing aquatic plant), and nannochloropsis.

If you can wait, Nonfood also plans to bring their product to two upcoming events, including the opening of Genre-Nonconforming: The DIS Edutainment Network at De Young Museum in San Francisco on December 3, and again on December 13 at the FOOD-X/SOSV Demo Day for food and tech startups in New York.

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