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ABO Asks EPA to Support the Future of Algae Innovation

ABO recently submitted comments on the EPA’s Draft Algae Guidance for the Preparation of Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Biotechnology Submissions. ABO’s comments emphasize the potential of algae to have a profound impact on how we produce food and feed, fuel, chemicals and other products, as well as its safe history and low ecological risk.

Algae offer a highly sustainable platform for the production of environmentally-friendly alternatives to fossil-derived transportation fuels, fertilizers and toxic chemicals; a new source of protein, oils and other nutritional components that protect fragile fish stocks and avoid deforestation while enhancing global food security; therapeutic proteins and other human and animal health solutions; and a range of other important applications.

To realize all of these benefits it is important to encourage further technological development in the algae space. Toward that end ABO supports the publication of guidance on the preparation of TSCA biotechnology submissions for algae as a means to increase the predictability, transparency and public confidence in algae biotechnology regulation.

ABO’s comments offer several recommendations to ensure that the EPA’s approach does not unduly burden applications, inhibit innovation, stigmatize new technologies or create trade barriers.

Read the full comments here.

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