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DOE Announces $10 Million for Innovative Bioenergy Research and Development

The Department of Energy has announced six bioenergy projects to receive up to $10 million in funding for their innovative solutions to advance bioenergy development. Of the six projects awarded funding, three are in the Algae Biomass Organization family: two projects from Arizona State University for their innovative research pertaining to algae, and ABO member LanzaTech for its advanced technology that can transform greenhouse gases into valuable chemicals.

Details of the ABO-related projects selected:

  • Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona: This project will engineer cyanobacteria for the production of ethyl laurate, which is easily converted to “drop-in” ready biofuels or bioproducts.
  • Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona: This project will develop mixotrophic algae that can consume both CO2 and cellulosic sugars, as well as significantly improve algal biomass growth. The potential for this project could reach 5 times the current algal production rates.
  • LanzaTech Inc., Skokie, Illinois: This project will work on technology to enable manufacturing of the acetone, a high-value industrial chemical building block, via biomass-derived syngas.

The DOE’s selection of these projects is further evidence that awareness and recognition of algae and other biomass technologies is growing in Washington and beyond as ABO continues its outreach efforts.

The grants to ASU’s algae-based projects come are timely, as ABO is planning the 10th annual Algae Biomass Summit in Phoenix, AZ  October 23-26. Register now and join us at the world’s largest algae conference!

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