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Eat More Algae!

It’s widely recognized the world is going to have a lot of extra mouths to feed in the coming decades, especially in the developing world, where demand is rising for nutritious and protein-rich food.

To meet this impending swell in demand, innovators are searching for farming technologies that will require the least input and the least arable land. As always, traditional crops will need to produce higher yields than they do today, but they cannot meet this challenge alone.

In the most recent issue of Biomass Magazine ABO’s executive director Matt Carr writes about the global food challenge and how new research can help us provide the food we need without a crippling ecological impact.

“the world doesn’t just need more food—we need better food” –Matt Carr

Algae, for example, can become a key component of food production. Algae can be cultivated with non-potable water, little to no agricultural land, and harvested year round. They can be a source of food for human as well as animals, which means they can help reduce the impact of feeding more and more livestock and fish as global populations grow.

To learn more about how algae can be the missing link in the global food shortage, check out Expanding Food Production and Biomass Benefits in Biomass Magazine.

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