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New Roadmap to The Algae Industry

ABO recently published the seventh iteration of Industrial Algae Measurements (IAM 7.0), to update the common language industry professionals use to evaluate and compare algae operations that can sometimes vary quite widely in their use of technology, the products they market and the inputs used to cultivate difference strains of algae.

Over the last 7 years the Algae Biomass Organization, along with a team of 30 firms, universities, and national laboratories has labored to create the shared metrics and terminology that make up the IAM 7.0,  helping technology developers as they build on advances in this exciting industry.

This edition increases the depth and breadth of its predecessors covering; the assessment of cellular-level productivity, lifecycle analysis, policy and regulation, wastewater utilization and management, and appropriate metrics. IAM 7.0 also includes a new visual layout to help readers navigate.

Though algae processes can be extremely diverse, IAM 7.0 continues to “equally encompass autotrophic, heterotrophic, open pond, photobioreactor, and open water production, as well as harvest and conversion processes for microalgae, macroalgae and cyanobacteria… aimed at being process and pathway agnostic.”

In addition, the IAM’s  “green box” approach simultaneously assesses both economic and sustainability calculations. Regardless of inner workings, this approach functions using common inputs and outputs found in algae operations.

Industrial Algae Measurements (IAM 7.0) is available as a free download.

ABO extends enormous thanks to theABO Technical Standards Committee, led by Dr. Lieve M. L. Laurens at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, for their leadership and dedication.

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