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Solazyme Launches First Culinary Algae Oil

solazyme-logoLast week at the 2015 Algae Biomass Summit, Solazyme‘s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Peter Licari announced to hundreds of algae industry leaders that the company is launching Thrive, the first culinary oil derived from algae to hit consumer markets.

Thrive takes advantage of the unique properties of algae to make a cooking oil with some impressive characteristics:

  • A clean, neutral taste
  • An unusually high smoke point
  • Zero trans fat and very low saturated fat
  • Suitability for all types of cooking

Thrive is also made of more than 90% heart-healthy monosaturated fats. In fact, one tablespoon of Thrive contains the same amount of the these good fats as you would find in one whole avocado.

And since Solazyme can modify its oils to meet customized characteristics, the world of cooking oil just got very interesting!

This is the first time an algae-derived cooking oil has been made available, and cooking oils are likely only among the first class of consumer products that will be disrupted by commercial algae cultivation. Algae can replace or augment the fuels we use, the foods we eat, the feeds we use to raise animals, and the materials we use to build things.

Algae are also a raw material that can be produced without freshwater or large tracts of agricultural lands. And since they grow fast we don’t have to wait an entire season for the harvest. Solazyme’s oils can be ready in days instead of months, for example.

Want to get your hands on Thrive? Read more details at FoodNavigator-USA

Congratulations to Solazyme for making this innovative, sustainable and healthy product available!

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