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Carbon Utilization Technologies Among Winners of Presidential Green Chemistry Awards

The Environmental Protection Agency today recognized several companies as leaders in green chemistry with the 2015 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards, and ABO is proud to congratulate two winners that are bringing carbon utilization technologies to commercial success.

It’s great to see the EPA recognizing the efforts to turn the climate problem into an opportunity for the both economy and the environment. These companies, and many others in the algae industry, are hard at work perfecting the technologies that can use carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases as a feedstock for countless useful products.

ABO member Algenol was awarded for their algae cultivation technology that transforms carbon dioxide into ethanol, gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. As described in EPA’s press release:

“Algenol in Fort Myers, Florida, is being recognized for developing a blue-green algae to produce ethanol and other fuels. The algae uses CO2 from air or industrial emitters with sunlight and saltwater to create fuel while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint, costs and water usage, with no reliance on food crops as feedstocks. This is a win-win for the company, the public, and the environment. It has the potential to revolutionize this industry and reduce the carbon footprint of fuel production.”

Also among the winners is LanzaTech for their progress in commercializing a technology that consumes industrial sources of carbon monoxide and other waste gases, turning them into ethanol and other products:

“LanzaTech in Skokie, Illinois, is being recognized for the development of a process that uses waste gas to produce fuels and chemicals, reducing companies’ carbon footprint. LanzaTech has partnered with Global Fortune 500 Companies and others to use this technology, including facilities that can each produce 100,000 gallons per year of ethanol, and a number of chemical ingredients for the manufacture of plastics. This technology is already a proven winner and has enormous potential for American industry.”

Congratulations to both of these companies! More information about all the winners is available on EPA’s website.

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