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BBC Highlights Algae as a Biofuel to Take us Into the Future

Recently, The BBC had a special on biofuels’; their history and where the industry stands today. The segment starts by discussing the innitial promise of certain crops until it was realized that many competed with food supplies for land, water and other resources. The 30 minute piece later goes on to highlight three areas for the future of biofuels: waste materials, algae, and bacteria.

The BBC focuses on a Cambridge University algae lab, California algae fuel producer Solazyme and two professors at Manchester and Exeter Universities experimenting with diesel fuel from bacteria. The algae portions do an excellent job of showcasing current commercialization potential and today’s major research areas.

We are very excited to see the BBC highlighting such an important topic and hope to see more about algae in the future!

Listen here for the whole special.

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