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Supreme Court’s E15 Decision Keeps the Biofuels Transition Going

Today the Supreme Court refused to allow a halt to E15, or gasoline that includs a higher level of ethanol blended than is currently widely available.

Ethanol Producer has a good story about the ruling, and ABO issued a statement that noted the previous fuel transitions that America has undergone. Not all of those transitions were smooth, but each time the fuel mix the the U.S. was improved.

“Today’s decision is another step in our nation’s journey to a future of cleaner, renewable and more secure sources of fuel for our cars, trucks and planes,” said Rosenthal. “The decision affirms the hard work of innovative companies that are commercializing new feedstocks, such as algae, to be a source of sustainable ethanol and other biofuels. These are fuels that can be produced by Americans for Americans. From coal to petroleum to biofuels, America has a long tradition of adopting new and better energy sources, and today it’s great to know we are keeping the doors to innovation open.”

With companies like  Algenol (producing ethanol with algae) and BioProcess Algae (using CO2 from ethanol production to grow algae) the algae industry is looking forward to providing the nation with more sustainable, domestically produced fuels, feeds and other products.

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