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Sustainability is One of Algae’s Big Strengths

Fotons for the Future photobioreactor at the Algae Biomass Summit

A photobioreactor built by IGV Biotech displayed at the Algae Biomass Summit

Yesterday the leading topic at the Algae Biomass Summit here in Denver was the unique advantages algae have in the field of sustainability. An ABO press release goes into more details about yesterday’s proceedings. Biomass Magazine also just published this great update on the day’s discussions.

The Summit is generating other news in the press. Some of the recent coverage:

  • Ryan Warner at Colorado Public Radio interviewed Colorado-based Summit participants on the potential of algae to provide fuel and feed. Absolutely worth a listen for the discussion on the importance of algae co-products like paper, plastics, pigments, dyes and proteins.
  • This morning Scott Streater at E&E News details the significance of Senator Mark Udall’s comments to Summit attendees made on Monday. Streater quotes the senator discussing the importance the Department of Defense investments in biofuel:

“While Congress drags its feet and argues about whether alternative energy is a waste of time and money, the military is charging ahead with a wide variety of programs that are saving lives and money right now,” Udall said.

He said yesterday that these efforts are likely to advance biofuels technology significantly, and that instead of cutting this research back in the name of fiscal restraint, the federal government should be investing more heavily into alternative fuels research.

Today’s agenda is filled with breakout panels on commercialization, science and policy. Tomorrow we conclude with the Young Algae Researcher awards and presentation of Below the Surface’s algae-fueled motorcycle. Still plenty of time to learn the latest from industry leaders and the next generation of algae innovators!

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