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What’s in a Name? The Algae Biomass Organization

Algae Biomass Organization logo“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare’s Juliet once asked. It’s the same question we’ve spent some time asking ourselves in the past few months as we deliberated our own organization’s name.

The Algal Biomass Organization, founded in 2008, continues to grow and mature along with the entire algae industry. As such, it’s important that we continue to assess our identity.  Today, we’re pleased to see such tremendous interest in the role that algae can play, and are playing, in solving many of the most pressing issues around fuel, food and climate change.

We’re thrilled that the industry is moving out of exclusively academic and lab settings into the commercial and consumer markets. “Algae” is becoming a topic of discussion in the public sphere like never before.

So, as of this week, we are officially changing the name of the organization to the Algae Biomass Organization to better reflect the term that most people use and associate with our industry.

Other than the slight change to the name, everything else remains the same. We are still led by a dynamic and committed board of directors; we still have the largest cross-section of industry partners within our membership; and we continue to advocate tirelessly for policy and regulatory issues that benefit our industry.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Algae Biomass Summit in Denver in a few weeks!

One programming note:
As we begin working on the technical issues associated with the change our current email addresses and links will continue to work. We are also in the process of updating the website with the new name and logo. Our new URL will be

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