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Diversified Technologies Brings Voltage to Algae Cultivation and Processing

Diversified Technologies is known as a leading supplier of modulators and power supplies that are used to operate large-scale industrial equipment. Some of their specialized equipment has also become crucial components for algae cultivation. 

Diversified Technologies has been an ABO member since 2013, and has partnered with some of the industry’s leading research organizations and companies to develop systems that can grow and harvest algae for laboratory and commercial use. 

The company’s PEF (Pulsed Electric Field) predator control system, for example, has been used to kill microscopic predators that can consume algae that is being cultivated for oil extraction. These predators have been known to consume up to 50% of the algae that is being grown in pond environments. A PEF can eliminate predators in a cost-effective way without harming the algae by delivering a controlled electric burst to the predators’ cells, neutralizing them while leaving algae cells untouched. 

The same technology can also be used in the harvesting of algae for oil products. In this case the electric field is modified to break open the algae cell, releasing the oils for processing into other products. 

“Innovations from Diversified Technologies have allowed the algae industry to make the steady improvements that are gaining notice by big markets that need to diversify their product lines, decarbonize and prepare for a more sustainable future,” said Rebecca White, executive director of the Algae Biomass Organization. “They are one part of a growing community that is perfecting algae production.”

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