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ABO Collaborates With Seaweed Hub to Help Advance Seaweed Aquaculture Industry

The Algae Biomass Organization is excited to welcome Seaweed Hub as our newest membership collaboration. Seaweed Hub is a science based, non-advocate resource for the domestic seaweed and seaweed aquaculture industry. They will be a critical resource for those working to build the future of macroalgae business, research and regulations.

“ABO is a mission-driven network of both microalgae and macroalgae professionals, and we are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Seaweed Hub to help this exciting trend in US  aquaculture achieve its full potential,” said Rebecca White, Executive Director of the Algae Biomass Organization.

Seaweed Hub is participating in several ABO initiatives to represent the seaweed industry’s interests in these activities.  Key among these is the formation of the Algae Center of Excellence that ABO is currently working to launch. A macroalgae perspective for these initiatives is critical to ABO’s work to ensure that the entire algae industry is accurately represented.

Seaweed Hub was founded to help the seaweed industry and associated stakeholders identify the challenges and solutions that can help the industry pursue opportunities for growth. The group recently published a needs assessment survey that describes a number of challenges that are faced by seaweed growers, producers, processors, researchers and end users. The findings will be used to build on recommendations that can help the industry become a source of sustainable products as well as economic expansion.

The collaboration between ABO and Seaweed Hub comes at a time when interest in the domestic seaweed industry is growing. Harvesting operations on both coasts are expanding, and new federal funding was recently announced that will help coordinate activities that could quadruple US seaweed aquaculture volumes.

Led by Connecticut Sea Grant, Seaweed Hub is managed and facilitated through partnerships and collaborations with the National Sea Grant Law Center, and with Sea Grant programs in Maine, Alaska, Washington, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Woods Hole, MA.

Seaweed and macroalgae applications will be featured in the agenda for the upcoming Algae Biomass Summit, a virtual conference that will be held September 28-October 27, 2021. 

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Welcome Seaweed Hub!

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