Where Young Innovators Can Make Connections at the Algae Biomass Summit

June, 26 / 2018

Looking to make connections at the 2018 Algae Biomass Summit? Visit the Young Innovators Lounge (YIL), a space aimed at connecting young ABO members with companies, entrepreneurs and experienced researchers focused on algae products, technology development and more.

Networking at the Algae Biomass Summit

Young innovators networking at the Algae Biomass Summit

Students, and early career professionals interested in learning and connecting are welcome to participate. The YIL occurs during the energy breaks between sessions at the Summit–check the agenda for timing and location.

Stop by to talk to our guests from industry, academia, national laboratories and innovative companies and organizations who will share their experience in the algae sector and connect with you.

Come, learn and build your network in the algae sector!

Are you interested in becoming a mentor and speaker for the Young Innovator Lounge? Contact Everett Eustance and Adriana Alvarez De La Hoz at everett.eustance@asu.edu & alvar353@umn.edu

The 2018 Young Innovators Lounge is sponsored by BioProcess Algae.