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Exclusive Tour at the Summit: Algae in Advanced Water Treatment


See first-hand how algae is being used to recycle waste into value in
advanced water treatment operations during this tour only available to attendees of the Algae Biomass Summit in Salt Lake City.  Tour stops include:


South Davis Sewer District Plant: See how CLEARAS Water Recovery’s Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNRâ„¢) technology is being used to recover phosphorous and nitrogen from wastewater, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, produce clean, recoverable water, and generate revenue from valuable co-products. 


Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility: See an algal biofilm technology applied for both wastewater remediation and bioproduct production at the largest municipal wastewater reclamation plant in Utah, processing in excess of 65 million gallons per day.


Salt Lake Algal Bloom Inspection: Learn about the types of green algae that are presenting challenges for recreation and irrigation, and the research approaches being implemented for the protection of human health and environment.

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