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ABO Announces New Tour for 2017 Algae Biomass Summit

The Algae Biomass Organization has announced a new tour to take place on the final day of this year’s Algae Biomass Summit. The tour will delve into how algae technologies are being used in energy management, water treatment and biomass production.

The tour, which requires registration due to limited availability, will take place Nov. 1 from 1:15 to 6:15 p.m. and will host three parts: A visit to the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility, a visit to the South Davis Sewer District Plant and an inspection of the Salt Lake Algal Bloom. 

During the tour’s visit to the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility, tour-goers will be able to see an algal biofilm technology applied for both wastewater remediation and byproduct production at the largest municipal wastewater reclamation plant in the state. At the South Davis Sewer District Plant, registrants will have the opportunity to view cutting-edge technology from CLEARAS Water Recovery that demonstrates how non-chemical technologies can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, produce clean water and generate revenue from valuable co-products. 

The cost of registration for the tour is $150 for Algae Biomass Organization members, and $175 for non-members. This is a great opportunity for Summit attendees to interact directly with the engineers and scientists making real-world algae applications possible, view technologies up close and network with other Summit attendees. 

For more information or to sign up for the tour, visit the ABO’s website here.


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