Navy Shows Off The Great Green Fleet

Dear ABO member, 

This is a terrific article. It is a reminder of the great things this country used to do. . . like the space program. This initiative is something to take pride in!

From the article, Pilot Lt. Cmdr. Jason Fox talked to reporters before heading out to fly his “green flight.”

Initially, he said, he had questions about biofuel’s safety and performance. But he’s been convinced by reported test results.

“I’ve been in the Navy 13 years, and I’ve never been involved in something this historic,” Fox said. “I’m hoping someday I’m going to look back and this will be the point where we turned away from dependency on fossil fuels. There’ve been many steps that Navy leads the way on, and I’m hoping this is one of those steps.”


Mary Rosenthal

Executive Director, Algal Biomass Organization

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