Pursuant to the requirements set forth in the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act, Wash. Rev. Code § 24.03.009 ("WNCA"), the undersigned hereby consents to the delivery of any notice to members given by ABO as such notice may be required by the WNCA or ABO's certificate of incorporation or bylaws. Such notice may be provided in the following formats and delivered to the corresponding address, number or system:
(i) By facsimile telecommunication to the facsimile number(s) provided below (or to any other facsimile number for the undersigned in ABO's records);
(ii) electronic mail to the electronic mail address(es) provided below (or to any other electronic mail address for the undersigned in the Company's records);
(iii) posting on an electronic network together with separate notice of such specific posting either by facsimile or electronic mail; or
(iv) any other form of electronic transmission (as defined in the WNCA).

This consent may be withheld by checking the following box, or later revoked by the undersigned by written notice to the Company and may be deemed revoked in the circumstances specified in Wash. Rev. Code § 24.03.009