The Algae Biomass Organization in 2014

Dear member,

As Chair of the Algae Biomass Organization’s Board of Directors I want to wish you a Happy 2014 and best wishes for much success in the coming year. There’s no doubt 2014 is going to be a crucial year for our industry, and to meet the challenges and best serve our members, the ABO is making some significant changes.

First, the organization will be establishing new headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area to better participate in policy-related activities and build deeper relationships with the agencies, staffers and organizations who are instrumental to moving the industry forward.

Second, we will be building upon the solid foundation that has been laid during the past five years. In addition to new offices in DC, we plan to invest in organizational growth, including a new executive director and additional staff to expand the number and breadth of services to a membership that increasingly includes products and industries beyond fuel.

Third, we will take an even more proactive role in participating and shaping a policy agenda to accelerate the growth for our members, regardless of their industry.

For the past four years Mary Rosenthal has been ABO’s executive director, helping to build a small group of committed volunteers into a dynamic organization that includes more than 300 members like you.

ABO now represents algae developers, major food products and agricultural companies, oil & energy companies, national laboratories, large fuel consumers such as airlines and delivery companies, and a range of other Fortune 500 companies.

Mary and the board agree that the time is right to take the organization to the next level. ABO’s Board of Directors is grateful for Mary’s service and extends to her the very best wishes.

We have begun the search for a new executive director who can build on this solid foundation and accelerate the growth of the organization and the industry.

While these changes are underway ABO will continue all of its operations, led by a dynamic and committed board of directors with the assistance of communications and lobbying contractors and our in-house operations resources. If you have questions about these changes or any of ABO’s existing programs please feel free to contact Barb Scheevel at

Your membership has helped ABO come so far, and thanks to you we are well positioned for a successful future. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!


Margaret McCormick
Chair, Board of Directors
Algae Biomass Organization

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