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Ana Feeds the World by 2040

For your free color PDF of Ana Feeds the World by 2040, click Ana. You may share Ana with your team for educational purposes. Ana softcover is also available on, where the color version is $50, in B&W $15 and Kindle $5. If you download Ana, please share your observations and ratings at and in social media.

Best green regards, Mark Edwards, Professor Emeritus, Strategic Marketing and Sustainability, ASU.

Insider Briefing: Algae’s Big Winning Streak in DC

On May 1, 2018, ABO hosted a conference call with several policy experts at the heart of efforts to boost algae and related technologies. Listen in on a review of the latest developments, implications for algae research and the industry, and what you can do to keep things rolling. 

Listen to the recording here


Matt Carr, Executive Director, ABO

Aaron Goldner, Energy Policy Advisor, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Anaïs Borja, Legislative Assistant, Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA)

Tim Peckinpaugh, Partner, K&L Gates

Policy Topics:Appropriations: The spending bill passed in March included $30 million for the Department of Energy’s Biotechnology Office to advance algae R&D, with at least 50% targeted for university or university-led consortia. It also added $12 million for carbon use and reuse R&D within the DOE’s Fossil Energy Office. Learn how this funding will be made available.

Carbon Capture and 45Q: In February, Congress passed a $35 per ton tax incentive for carbon captured and recycled from power plants or industrial facilities using algae or other biologically-based carbon capture and use (CCU) systems. Learn how projects can take advantage. 

Algae Agriculture Act: With the recent introduction of the Algae Agriculture Act of 2018 by a bipartisan group of legislators ABO is working to make algae a new pillar of American agriculture. Learn how this bill can increase R&D at the USDA, provide algae crop insurance, and more.

USE IT Act: Also introduced with bipartisan support, the Utilizing Significant Emissions with Innovative Technologies (USE IT) Act would support carbon utilization and direct air capture research by amending EPA authority and the permitting process for CO2 infrastructure.


2016 Amended & Restated Bylaws (PDF):

2016 ABO Amended & Restated Bylaws

2016 Algae Biomass Summit Posters:

Allen, Rey – Arizona State University

Ashour, Mohamed – National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Egypt-Biology 112

Ashour, Mohamed – National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Egypt-Biology 113

Ashour, Mohamed-National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Egypt-Commercial 135

Bessett, Andrew – Old Dominion University

Burch, Andrew – UC Davis Department of Chemistry

Damle, Ashok – Techverse, Inc.

Franks, Dylan – Oklahoma State University

Gillis, Kathryn – Millipore Sigma

Hosseinizand, Hasti – University of British Columbia

Jiang, Bowen – Mira Loma High School

Li, Yalin – Colorado School of Mines

Loftus, Sarah – Duke University

Mogany, Trisha – Durban University of Technology

Pankratz, Stan – University of Manitoba

Parker, Lauren – California Polytechnic University

Pickett, Melanie – University of South Florida – ICARUS Gen

Pickett, Melanie – University of South Florida -ICARUS Rotifer

Timlin, Jerilyn – Sandia National Laboratories

Vaeth, Hans – AlgoLiner

Williams, Chris – RadioCarb Genetics, Inc.

Zuckerman, Ohad – UniVerve, Ltd.

2016 Algae Biomass Summit Presentations:

Allen, Mark – Accelergy Corporation – Carbon Capture and Utilization Challenges and Opportunities

Allen, Mark – Accelergy Corporation – Cashing in on Carbon

Allen, Rey – Arizona State University – Synthetic Ecology for Quantitative Prediction of Anti-contamination Strategies in Biofuel-producing Cultures of Synechocystis PCC 6803

Anton, Johanna – Cellana LLC – A Comparision of Outdoor Semi-continuous and Batch Production Modes at Mid and Large Scales

Atsumi, Kinya – DENSO Corporation – Development of Algae Hydrocarbon Cosmetics

Barlow, Jay -Utah State University – Evaluation of Produced Water Integration Effect on Microalgae Productivity

Beaudry-Losique, Jacques – Algenol – Cashing in on Carbon

Belay, Amha -Earthrise – Flask to Fork. The Growing Wave of Innovation in Algae for Health and Nutrition

Beliaev, Alexander – Pacific Northwest National Laboratories – Building Adaptable Photosynthetic Consortia through Programmable Interactions

Benemann, John – MicroBio-Engineering – Microalgae Power Plant

Benemann, John -MicroBio Engineering – Cashing in on Carbon

Bhujade, Ramesh – Reliance Industries Ltd – Experience with Hydrothermal Processing to Convert Algae to Oil

Blackwell, Shelley – Cal Poly State University – Dynamics in Algal Productivity and Bioflocculation in Wastewater Fed Raceway Ponds

Boelens, Pieter – Liqoflux – The Missing Link-2 Step Algae Harvesting Approach

Brown, Louis – Synthetic Genomics, Inc – Flask to Farm, the Issues Associated with Large Scale Algae Production

Chepurnov, Victor – TomalgaeC.V.B.A. – Converting Algae Hatchery Art into Technology

Cizek, Luke – Heliae-Heliae Technology – Using Universal Multi-trophic Platform Bioreactors as a High Productivity, Axenic Seed System

Cloud, Ben – Phyco Biosciences – Opportunity for Algae Biomass in Commercial Crop Production

Coleman, Andre – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – The Billion Ton 2016 Algae Resource Analysis-Waste CO2 Co-location

Corcoran, Alina – Sapphire Energy – Lessons from the Field

Dale, Taraka – Los Alamos National Laboratory – Cultivation of Parent and Cell Sorted Populations of Nannochloropsis Salina in Laboratory and Outdoor Environments

Dasgupta, Santanu – Reliance Industries Ltd – Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Algae and Cynobacteria. Potential Concerns and Possible Solutions

Davis, Ryan – NREL – Techno-economic Analysis for the Production of Algal Biomass. Process, Design and Cost Considerations for Future Commercial Algae Farms

Davis, Ryan – Sandia National Laboratories – Updated Assessment of teh Potential for Fuel Production from Polyculture Algal Turf

Doley, Bill – USDA-APHIS – Modernizing the Biotechnology Regulatory System

Downes, Meghan – New Mexico State University – Using Data Driven Approaches to Making Algae Commercially Viable

Du, Niu -Scripps Institution of Oceanography – Development of a pH Drift Assay for Rapid Carbon Uptake Measurements for Mass Algal Culture

Efroymson, Rebecca – Oak Ridge National Laboratory – The Billion Ton 2016 Algae Resource Analysis. Prices to Procure the Biomass

Engler, Richard – Bergeson & Campbel – Underappreciated Regulatory Barriers to Commercialization of Algae and Algal Products

Frueaf, Jeremiah – Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox – Protecting Renewable Investments

Ganuza, Eneko – heliae Development LLC – A Novel Treatment Protects Chlorella at Commercial Scale from the Predatory Bacterium Vampirovibrio Chlorellavorus

Gerber, Leda – University of Hawaii – Co-products are Key to Economic Success

Gerlach, Robin – Montana State University – Alkaliphilic Algal Cultivation as a Means for Improved Productivity and Stability of Algae-based Production Systems

Goldstein, Melissa – EOP-OSTP – Modernizing the Biotechnology Regulartory System

Harmon, Laurel – LanzaTech – Cashing in on Carbon

Harmon, Valerie – Harmon Consulting – The Value of Inoculum Management in Microalgae Production

Hazlebeck, David – Global Algae Innovations – Cashing in on Carbon

Hazlebeck, David – Global Algae Innovations – New Low Energy Algal Harvesting and Dewatering System

Heinnickel, Mark – Matrix Genetics – Increasing the Photosynthetic Rate of Cyanobacteria in a Dense Monoculture by Optimizing Expression of Native and Heterologous Oxygenases

Hildebrand, Mark – Scripps Institution of Oceanography – The Effect of Synchronized Cell Division on Growth and Productivitiy of Microalgae

Horst, Geoff – Algal Scientific – Finding Farmers. Opportunities and Challenges for Algae Feed and Fertilizer-Proglucan. Immune Support for Animal and Human Health

Hovde, Blake – Los Alamos National Lab – Greenhouse, an omics Knowledge Base for Algal Biofuel Feedstocks

Huesemann, Michael – Pacific Northwest National Labs-High Productivity Cold Season Microalgae

Hutton, Matthew – MicroBio Engineering, Inc. – Long Term Study of Low Cost Harvesting by Bioflocculation

Ito, Junichi – JAIIC – Application of Microalgae-Compound Feed for Aquaculture

Jacques-Beaudry, Losique – Algenol – Cashing In On Carbon

Karp, Peter – SRI International – Metabolic Reconstruction for Tens of Algal Genomes at

Kempkes, Michael-Diversified Technologies, Inc-Pulsed Electric Field Applications to Algal Extraction Processing and Predator Control

Kern, Jordan – UNC Chapel Hill – Integrating Real Options Analysis in the Design of Financially Viable Algal Biofuels Production Pathways

Kleinegris, Dorinde – Wageningen UR – Microalgae Breeding. Sorting Cells with Increased TAG Productivity

Kozlova, Tatiana – University of Manitoba – Effect of Phytohormones and Fish Steroids on Microalgae Scenedesmus Quadricauda Production and Biosynthesis

Kraan, Stefan – Ocean Harvest Technology – Seaweeds, Opportunities for Animal Health and Global Food Security

Kramer, Avery – Cellana LLC – Optimizing Neutral Lipid Extraction from Nannochloropsis sp. with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Kumar, Sandeep – Old Dominion University – Microalgae Cultivation using Minerals Precipitated through Hydrothermal Mineralization

Kuo, Chih-Ting – UIUC – Adsorbent-based Algae Cultivatin Systems to Facilitate Integration with Wastewater Treatment

Lamers, Packo – Wageningen University – Algae PARC – Bridging the Lipid Yield Gap

Lammers, Peter – AZCATI – An Extremophile Approach to Stable Mixotrophic Algae Cultivation

Lane, Todd – Sandia National Laboratories – Major Nutrient Recycling at Pilot Scale

Laurens, Lieve – NREL – Sterol Molecular Diversity in Different Algae Provide Optoins for High-Value Co-product Development in a Conversion Process.

Lee Chang, Kim Jye – CSIRO – Biodiesel, high-value LC omega-3 oils and algal meal productioon from thraustochytrids in a biorefinery approach

Lee, Phillip – Harmon Consulting, Inc. – Characterization of a Predatory Bacterial Pathogen of Nannochloropsis

Leow, Shijie – NREL – Optimization of integrated cultivation and aqueous conversion processes

Lepine, Olivier – Algosource – Latest Development in the Microalgae Biorefining. Wet Extraction Technologies and Mechanical Process for Improved Economics and LCA

Levine, Ira – University of Southern Maine – Land-based, Marine Gracilaria Farming in New Mexico

Li, Yalin – Colorado School of Mines – A comprehensive Model for Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae

Lindblad, Peter – Upsala University – Advanced Gene Technology and Synthetic Biology to Custom Design Photosynthetic Microorganisms for Biotechnological Applications

Lundquist, Tryg – Cal Poly State University – From Wastewater to Fuel Distillates. Cultivation and Processing of Microalgae Grown during Sewage Treatment

Lundquist, Tryg – CalPoly – Wastewater Recycling and Biofuels Production with Algal Raceways

May, John – Stern Brothers – Financing the Next Wave of Algae Innovation

Mayfield, Stephen – University of San Diego – Synthetic Promoters Capable of Driving Robust Nuclear Gene Expression in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii

McGill, Josh – Applied Chemical Technology – Scale-Up Strategies for Commercialization

Miller, Chad – Clearas Water Recovery – Low Cost, High Volume Algal Production Leveraging Nutrient Recovery from Municipal Wastewater

Moellering, Eric – Synthetic Genomics- Boosting Lipid Productivity of the Oleaginous Microalga Nannochloropsis Gaditana via Genome-Engineering

Mohler, Daniel-University of Kentucky-Beneficial Re-use of Industrial Carbon Emissions Using Microalgae

Mroz, Bob – Hy-Tek Bio – Algae and Flue Gas – Sustainable Symbiosis

Olaizola, Miguel – Heliae – On the Way to Inexpensive Microalgae Protein

Oneil, Gregory – Western Washington University – Coproduct-based Biofuel Strategies from the Marine Microalgae Isochrysis

Orr, Adam – FDA Center for Veterinary Medicin – Finding Farmers. Opportunities for Challenges for Algae Feed and Fertilizer

Orr, Adam – FDA – Modernizing the Biotechnology Regulatory System

Pape, Stuart – Polsinelli – Pathways to Market for FDA Regulated Food and Feed Ingredients

Peers, Graham – Colorado State University – Systems Biology Insights into Low Light Photoacclimation

Pienkos, Philip – NREL – Full Circle, How to Bring Back Algae into Biofuels

Plenary 2 – Finding Farmers. Opportunities and Challenges for Algae Feed and Fertilizer

Plenary 2 Keynote – Foss, Bill – TwoXSea – An Outsiders View on Algae

Plenary 3 Keynote – David, Bernard – The Global CO2 Initiative-Transitioning a Liability into an Asset

Polle, Juergen – Brooklyn College of the City University or New York – Investigation of the Ploidy and Genome Organization of Potential Platform Species of Green Algae

Poorey, Kunal – Sandia National Laboratories – Deriving Pond Crash Signatures of ATP3 Unified Field Study Using Big Data Machine Learning

Quinn, Jason-Colorado State University-Integration of Flare Gas with an Algal Biorefinery for Fuel and Protein Production-An Energy Assessment

Radulovich, Ricardo-University of Costa Rico-Expanding Seaweed Uses and Tropical Cultivation

Rakitsky, Walter – TerraVia – Finding Farmers. Opportunities and Challenges for Algae Feed and Fertilizer

Rakitsky, Walter – TerraVia – Flask to Fork. The Growing Wave of Innovation in Algae for Health and Nutrition

Roebroeck, Eugene – LGem – Less is More. Optimization of Geometric Design of GemTubeTM Tubular Photobioreactors for Commercial Mass Cultivation of Microalgae

Rogalla, Frank – Aqalia – Wastewater Treatment and Energy Recovery with Cultivation of Microalgae

Rorrer, Gregory – Oregon State University – Bioprocessing Strategies for Coproduction of Biofuels and Valued-added Biopolymers from Diatom Microalgae

Rust, Michael – NOAA – From Ocean Homesteading to an Ecosystem Approach to Marine Macroalgae Culture

Sabarsky, Martin – Cellana – Finding Farmers. Opportunities and Challenges for Algae Feed and Fertilizer

Sasaki, Kazunori – University of Tsukuba – The Exploration Research into Medicinal Functions of Aurantiochytrium and Botryocuccus Branuil using Bioassay

Schultz, Niko – SCHOTT AG – Tubular Photobioreactors – A Systemic Comparison of Glass and Polymer Tubes

Segal, Mark – US EPA – Modernizing the Biotechnology Regulatory System. Relevance to Algal Biotechnology

Sims, Ron – Utah State University – Algae Biotechnology for Wastewater Treatment

Singh, Devinder – National Research Council of Canada – Process Development of Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae

Smith, Len – Heliae Development – Finding Farmers. Opportunities and Challenges for Algae Feed and Fertilizer-Commercialization of Microalgae in Plant Agriculture

Spierling, Ruth – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – Enhanced Nitrogen Conversion and Removal in Algae-based Wastewater Treatment Systems

Takahashi, Atsushi – Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd – Research & Development of Renewable Energy Use of Native Algae Bioomass for Fukushima Recontruction and Revitalization

Takeuchi, Ryo – Matrix Genetics – Engineering of Genetic Tools to Optimiza Heterologous Gene Expression in Arthrospira Platenisis

Takouridis, Simon – The University of Melbourne – An Elite Variety of Algae

Vandamme, Dries – Laboratory for Aquatic Biology – Mixotropic Growth of Microalgae Revisited-Opportunities and Challenges

Verdelho, Vitor – A4F – The Role of the Value-Chain for the Development of High-value Products from Microalgae

Vitale, Albert – Commercial Algae Professionals – Optimizing Systems to Maximize the Yeild of Astaxanthin from Haematocuccus Pluvialis

Von Keitz, Marc – ARPA-E – SEAS – Scalable Energy from Aquatic Sources

Wang, Xun – Triton Algae Innovations – Infant Formula from Algae – Identifying and Targeting Key Market Needs as a Driver for Product Development

Watanabe, Makoto – Algae Biomass and Energy System R&D Center, Univ. of Tsukuba – Algae Industry Incubation Consortium Japan-Past and Future Activities

Weibe, Marilyn – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – Carbon Capture and Culture pH in Microalgal Cultures

Weir, Jeremy – Commercial Algae Professionals – The Algae Raceway Integrated Design Improvements and Commercialization

Weiss, Taylor – Plant Research Laboratory – Designing Stable, Synthetic, Light-driven Cyanobacteria-heterotroph Consortia for Bioproduction

White, Rebecca – Qualitas Health – From Sunlight to Sustainability. How Algae Can Pave teh Way to Sustainable Human Nutrition

Yarish, Charles – University of Connecticut – Seaweed Aquaculture in Northeast of the U.S. for Production, Ecosystem Services and Strain Development

Yu, Jianping – NREL – Cyanobacterial Ethylene Production

Zurcher, Kip – Algaeon, Inc – A Story from the Front Lines and Lessons Learned



2015 Algae Biomass Summit Posters:


2015 Algae Biomass Summit Presentations:

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