Member Input for the Department of Energy

Member Input for the Department of Energy

 Dear ABO Member,

ABO recently participated in a small meeting with David Danielson, the Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy (DOE).  This meeting was intended to begin a dialogue between DOE and its stakeholders.  A number of issues were discussed at the meeting that were of interest to ABO, and Dr. Danielson has asked for input.  Below are some of the issues we discussed along with ideas for input from ABO members.  

Please send any input that you would like the DOE to receive to Laurie Purpuro at K&L Gates at (202-778-9206) by close of business Monday, June 10.
  1. Dr. Danielson said he is looking for “good stories” about how the Department of Energy has made a difference.  If you have received DOE support, please let me know what the project was and how DOE’s support was helpful.
  2. He said EERE is committed to more support for “high value” bio-based chemicals, understanding that this is an important step in supporting companies who will produce biofuel in the long run.  Any comments you have on this would be appreciated.  In particular, I think DOE is interested in how support for these chemicals will help companies achieve commercial scale biofuels.
  3. Dr. Danielson is very interested in improving manufacturing processes in the United States and making them more energy efficient.  He discussed the DOE’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative and asked for input on how the US can improve the energy efficiency of renewable energy manufacturing processes.  He said the department is planning on establishing three “Clean Energy Manufacturing Institutes” and would appreciate input as to what those institutes should focus on.  For example, he said he would be interested in hearing from stakeholders about what cross-cutting issues would advance bioprocessing.
  4. Please feel free to submit any additional comments on how you think the Department of Energy can better support the algae energy industry.
Again, please send your input to Laurie Purpuro at K&L Gates at by close of business Monday, June 10.

Mary Rosenthal

Executive Director, Algae Biomass Organization

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