Evodos will award four algae harvesting centrifugals at the ABO summit

Four scientists will receive an Evodos algae harvester at the 2011 ABO Summit as gratitude for their support

BREDA, The Netherlands – As a sign of gratitude to their support, Evodos will award a state-of-the-art algae harvester to four scientists, Mark Edwards, Mario Tredici, Kirsten Heimann and Rene Wijffels.

Marco Brocken, Chief Executive Officer of Evodos B.V., says “The as-sistance and feedback of these scientists were vital for us to under-stand the business requirements in the algae industry. It requires cour-age and persistence to enter a new market. They helped us to over-come the initial hurdles. We now see the acceptance of our harvesting centrifugals and the business success our customers are having with it. We thought it was time to honor them publicly by awarding each of them with our new Evodos type 10 centrifugal.”

Mark Edwards, professor at the Arizona State University, made us aware of the excellent performance of Evodos to harvest small Algae with high efficiency. Mark has been very supportive in bringing Evodos technology to the attention of key people in the algae industry
Mark Edwards: “I’ve seen a wide range of harvesting tools and your new centrifugal technology seems excellent due to its ability to harvest small Algae with high efficiency.”

Mario Tredici, professor at the University of Florence, Italy and Presi-dent of the European Algae Biomass Association gave us insight in the metrics used in the algae industry. Especially the low energy require-ment per kilogram algae harvested attracted his interest. He invited us to participate in the EU funded Biofat project and gives us a podium on many occasions.
Mario Tredici: “Very interesting. It seems that you are able to harvest and concentrate Nannochloropsis into a paste with dry solid content of over 30% with an energy expenditure of 0.95kWh/m3. If this is the case it is a great achievement. Congratulations !”

Kirsten Heimann, Associate Professor at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, is responsible for all tests of MBD Energy car-ried out with Evodos centrifuges. She is the first scientist who scientifi-cally documented the performance of Evodos algae harvesting.
Kirsten Heimann: “The biomass coming out of the Evodos is essentially alive. That means you increase the shelf life of your product to several days, if not up to a week.”

Rene Wijffels, professor at the Wageningen University in The Nether-lands gave us access to his researchers at an early stage. This gave us insight in the energy and scalability requirements the industry is facing. We are proud that he will include the Evodos algae harvester in a pro-ject where a comparison and combinations of alternative harvesting technologies will be made.
Rene Wijffels: “For production of microalgae for commodities a scalable low energy harvesting technology is of key importance.”

Marco Brocken and Hen Boele, founders of Evodos, will hand over the awards at the next week ABO Summit during their presentation slot on Thursday, October 27.

Breda, The Netherlands, 20 September 2011 –About Evodos B.V. (web address: www.evodos.eu)
Evodos B.V. is the leading developer of low energy and chemical free centrifugal systems. Evodos brings to the market centrifugal systems based on their patented Spiral Plate Technology (SPT). With SPT sol-ids can be separated in the form of a stackable cake or paste. Solids may take any shape and can be abrasive, soft and even greasy. The high separation sharpness leads to low energy requirements. In case of liquid-liquid separation no interface level needs to be set.
The Evodos high-tech equipment is positioned in high sustainability markets. Harvesting algae is such a focus point. For this market the Evodos algae harvesting machines are developed. The footprint of the machines is small, noise levels are low and maintenance is minimal.

Evodos BV
Roeland Kimman
Communications Director
tel. +31 6 2126 6993

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