Dutch separation technology from Evodos set’s foot on USA soil

Algae2Omega places a first order for its algae production site in Florida

Breda, The Netherlands, 20 September 2011 – Evodos B.V., the leading developer of low energy centrifugal systems, in partnership with their U.S. distributor Kyte Centrifuge, LLC, has announced that they have accepted an order from Algae to Omega Holdings, Inc. for their algae dewatering and harvesting requirements. Evodos will supply the algae harvesting machines for Algae2Omega’s production facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jason Masters, Chief Technology Officer of Algae 2 Omega says: “We considered many dewatering technologies and the Evodos machine satisfied both our dewatering and energy consumption requirements.  Their novel technology and efficiency will allow us to produce a high-quality, organic product at a very cost effective price point”.

The Company is planning to produce and sell algae derived products using proprietary methods.  Their products include high-value nutraceuticals, including Astaxanthin, for human and animal nutrition, Omega 3 oil, and species specific feeds for the livestock and aquatic farming industries.  Jason Masters: “We expect a substantial increase in bioavailability of our product by using the Evodos centrifugals. This hugely benefits Algae2Omega by increasing the value of their end product.”

Evodos, a Dutch company, has developed a very energy-efficient centrifuge to extract algae from water. This method is a break-through in harvesting and concentrating different strains of algae.  The low energy consumption allow or a positive energy balance, paving the way for large-scale production of bio-derived products from algae.

Marco Brocken, CEO of Evodos says: “With Algae2Omega Evodos is placing its first foot on US soil. This will makes it more convenient for players in the US algae industry to get familiar with the remarkable benefits of using Evodos centrifugals. Benefits that can not only be found in the production of a high quality algae product but in the operability and serviceability of the Evodos centrifugals as well. To only give one example; Evodos centrifugals do not need balancing. Never. This saves money as well as precious down-time. We expect many more footstep to follow”.

Kyte Centrifuge, LLC is the United States distributor for Evodos Algae Technologies.

About Evodos B.V. (web address: www.evodos.eu)

Evodos brings to the market centrifugal systems based on their patented Spiral Plate Technology (SPT). With SPT solids can be separated in the form of a stackable cake or paste. Solids may take any shape and can be abrasive, soft and even greasy. The high separation sharpness leads to low energy requirements. In case of liquid-liquid separation no interface level needs to be set.

Evodos positions it’s high-tech equipment in high sustainability markets. Harvesting algae is such a focus point. For this market the Evodos algae harvesting machines are developed. The footprint of the machines is small, noice levels are low and maintenance is minimal.

About Algae2Omega (web address: www.algae2omega.com)

Algae to Omega Holdings, Inc. is in the business of developing world-class manufacturing facilities to produce, sell, market and distribute algae products cultivated by efficient, sustainable,  and proprietary production methods.  The cornerstone of the Company’s production system combines photobioreactor technology for growing algae and proprietary methodologies for extracting Omega 3 oil, Astaxanthin, animal feed and byproducts. Our team of experts and scientific researchers have devised a scalable modular production system that is low-cost, energy-efficient and environmentally sound.

About Kyte Centrifuge LLC (web address: www.kytecentrifuge.com)

Kyte Centrifuge is an industrial centrifuge sales and procurement company specializing in custom separation solutions using new or reconditioned centrifuges for the Biofuel, Chemical, Wastewater, Food/Beverage, Mining, Agriculture, Oilfield and Marine industries.  Kyte is the exclusive United States distributor for Evodos.



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