Dutch separation technology from Evodos scales up in Australian carbon storage program

Industry leader MBD Energy places follow on orders for 1Ha  power station algae production site in Queensland.

Breda, The Netherlands, 1 September 2011 – Evodos B.V., the leading developer of low energy centrifugal systems, received the order to supply all the algae harvesting machines for MBD’s 1 Ha power stationplant. At this site it will be determined whether the CO2 that is produced by the coal fired power plant can be captured by algae in a cost and energy effective way using MBD Energy’s proprietary ‘BAGS’ system.

MBD Energy has decided to use Evodos technology after a thorough algae harvesting testing program of 9 months at the company’s research and development facility. The test results show that the Evodos machines performed to expectation and that no repairs and only minor maintenance work was required over the 9 month period.  There were no visible signs of wear and tear.

MBD’s managing director, Andrew Lawson said “No other centrifuge that we could find on the market meets the challenges of micro algae extraction from water as effectively as the Evodos machines and this is critically important in keeping the cost per weight of harvested algae to a minimum.”

Three of Australia’s largest coal fired power generators have agreed to MBD building algal synthesiser test facilities adjacent to their power stations. Each of the facilities is expected to use MBD’s proprietary growth system, where smoke-stack CO2 emissions will be captured and used to grow oil-rich algae in solar bioreactors. It is expected that, subject to continued satisfactory performance and future expansion going ahead as planned, that Evodos’s technology will be integrated into larger scale MBD systems in order to help efficiently harvest large volumes of algae.

MBD Energy’s Andrew Lawson said trials to date indicated that the Evodos equipment allows micro algae to be harvested alive and in an almost completely dewatered paste – maximizing the company’s options for utilising harvested algal biomass across a range of potential feedstock applications ranging from animal and human nutrition to various forms of biofuels.

About Evodos B.V. (web address: www.evodos.eu)  also see www.mbdenergy.com

Evodos brings to the market centrifugal systems based on their patented Spiral Plate Technology (SPT). With SPT solids can be separated in the form of a stackable cake or paste. Solids may take any shape and can be abrasive, soft and even greasy. The high separation sharpness leads to low energy requirements. In case of liquid-liquid separation no interface level needs to be set.

Evodos positions it’s high-tech equipment in high sustainability markets. Harvesting algae is such a focus point. For this market the Evodos algae harvesting machines are developed. The footprint of the machines is small, noice levels are low and maintenance is minimal.

About MBD Energy Limited (web address: www.mbdenergy.com)

MBD is an Australian based public, unlisted technology company. One of the world’s largest mining companies, Anglo American, became a cornerstone investor in MBD in 2009 and Anglo Coal’s Global CEO, Seamus French, has recently joined as a non-executive director of MBD Energy. The MBD Energy Board is chaired by former BHP Chairman, Jerry Ellis. MBD has a joint research and development facility located at James Cook University (JCU), Townsville, Queensland. MBD Energy and its JCU team are regarded as international leaders in the use of captured flue-gases as feedstock to produce algal biomass for Bio-CCS. MBD Energy is a founding member of the Bio CCS program. The program is made up of a number of regional projects with each targeting 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gas sequestration per year by 2020.



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