Evodos launches web based quotation tool for algae harvesting

Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, March 3, 2011 – Evodos B.V., the developer and producer of ‘high concentration / non chemical’ centrifugal systems, today launched a quotation engine for harvesting algae. With this web-based tool it will be easy for algae farmers to get insight in the cost price of harvesting their algae. The quotation is based on the specific algae strains and growth parameters of the farmer.

For that specific situation Evodos calculates the integral cost price (Capital & Operational expenses) per harvested ton of algae dry weight. The capital costs include the depreciation and the intrest costs on the investment. The operational costs include maintenance and energy costs.

Also the energy balance will be provided. Harvesting algae with Evodos has a positive energy balance.

The quotation tool can be found at www.evodos.eu/algae

With the Evodos harvesting equipment over 95% of the algae will be separated from the water. The algae will become available as an almost completely dewatered paste. The algae in this paste can be conserved well, since they are still alive and have not suffered from shearing or overheating, nor chemicals are applied. There is no heating up of the effluent water.

Evodos harvesting equipment does not ask specific infrastructure requirements. The machines can be placed on a regular foundation without boltening to the floor. The machines run at a low noise level, therefore no sound protection is required. This makes it ideal for using in an agricultural environment.

The Evodos Algae Harvesting systems are based upon Evodos’ proprietary Spiral Plate centrifugal technology.

About Evodos B.V. (web address: www.evodos.eu)

Evodos brings to the market centrifugal systems based on their patented Spiral Plate Technology (SPT). With SPT solids can be separated in the form of a stackable cake or paste. Solids may take any shape and can be abrasive, soft and even greasy. The high separation sharpness leads to low energy requirements. In case of liquid/liquid separation no interface level needs to be set.

Evodos positions it’s technology in high sustainability markets. Harvesting algae is such a focus point.


Evodos BV

Marco Brocken

tel. +31 (0)6 2234 8661


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