Innovation in Aqua Feed

Event date: 12.04.17

Formulated feeds are an important component of the farming process for a number of key aquaculture species. But producers are no longer focused only on feed conversion in relation to fish feed R&D.

This event will dive into how feed experts are trying to understand the ways nutritional components affect blood chemistry, immune responses, and gut microbiota in fish. It will address how precision nutrition, the right feed formula at the specific life stage or period of the year, is an approach increasingly used in the aquaculture sector.

The FeedNavigator “forum” concept has been developed by our editors to feature the most innovative and thought provoking companies and personalities in the modern animal feed industry and provide fresh insight into the issues shaping the market via a more interactive format.

This series of digital discussion forums will delve into hot topics that can easily be viewed from your computer live or on demand. 

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