2014 Summer of Algae Kickoff Call

Dear Algae Biomass Organization member,

The Algae Biomass Organization (ABO) is proud to have the opportunity to showcase the more than 200 companies across the US that are developing technologies using algae to produce domestic, cost-competitive and sustainable products within multi-billion dollar industries such as fuels, animal feed, Omega-3 oils, cosmetics and other products.

The 2014 Summer of Algae is a national campaign, organized by ABO, for leading algae companies from across the industry to host open-house style events for local, state and federal elected officials to showcase the power of algae to solve pressing food and fuel challenges as well as create jobs and economic growth.

Events for this campaign can range in size from small briefings with local officials to larger tours of laboratories and commercial facilities to announcements about new and existing technologies. ABO has developed all the materials needed to make any size event a success.

If your company is interested in being a part of the 2014 Summer of Algae, we encourage you to attend the Summer of Algae Kickoff Call on Monday, June 30th at 4:00PM ET. This is an information sharing call only, designed to answer your questions and help you determine if you can participate.

During the Summer of Algae Kickoff Call you will learn more about the campaign from K&L Gates (policy counsel) and Scoville Public Relations (PR counsel). The following templates that have been developed:

Legislative Toolkit

  • US House of Representatives Invitation
  • US Senate Invitation

PR Toolkit

  • Sample Event Program
  • Facility Tour Social Media Guide
  • Legislative Visit Event Checklist
  • Participant Fact Sheet
  • Photo Opportunity Suggestions
  • Pitch Letter for Media Advisory
  • Pitch Letter for Op-ed
  • Template for Event Media Advisory
  • Template for Event Press Release
  • Template for Project Task List
  • Tips for Working with Media

We look forward to speaking with all of you during the 2014 Summer of Algae Kickoff Call!

Feel free to contact Nate Kommers at Scoville PR (nate.kommers@scovillepr.com or 206-625-0075 x2) with any questions about the 2014 Summer of Algae.

Please email Sarah Kiner (sarah.kiner@scovillepr.com) if you plan on attending so she can send you conference call/webinar details.

Matt Carr, Ph. D.
Executive Director
Algae Biomass Organization

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