ATP3 Workshop: Microalgal Culture Management and Strain Selection, August 22-26

[PAST EVENT] - Event date: 08.22.16

The upcoming Algae Testbed Public-Private Partnership (ATP3) workshop, “Algal Culture Management and Strain Selection,” will be held in Austin, TX on August 22-26, 2016.

Presentations will cover the fundamentals of isolating and identifying microalgae, handling and managing microalgal cultures (including methods for cryopreservation), screening strains for desirable characteristics, genetically improving strains, and analysis of lipids and higher-value products.

ATP3 offers superior formal and informal education and training in the use of microalgae as feedstock for biofuels and coproducts, through hands-on learning opportunities, workshops, and seminars held at ATP3 partner sites and selected public events.

The 4th Asia-Oceania Algae Innovation Summit, September 18-21

[PAST EVENT] - Event date: 09.18.16

The 4th Annual Asia-Oceania Algae Innovation Summit will highlight recent scientific and engineering breakthroughs in algal biotechnology. Strain development using synthetic and systems biology, innovations in algae cultivation, harvesting, extraction and conversion to various products, and valorization of algal biomass, and sustainability models will be presented. Experts will also discuss the roles of algae in wastewater bioremediation and CO2 capture and utilization.

Animal Biotech Summit

[PAST EVENT] - Event date: 09.21.16

ABO’s executive director Matt Carr will be speaking at this conference focuses on using animal biotechnology to advance the objectives of One Health. The tools of biotechnology are uniquely suited to address challenges at the nexus of human, animal and environmental health. Topics to be discussed include biotechnology applications and policy issues associated with emerging infectious diseases, animal models of human diseases, food safety, biodefense, agricultural productivity, biodiversity conservation, and animal health and welfare.

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2016 Algae Biomass Summit

[PAST EVENT] - Event date: 10.23.16

The Algae Biomass Summit is the largest algae conference in the world. This is where leading producers of algae products go to network with industry suppliers and technology providers, where project developers converse with utility executives, and where researchers and technology developers rub elbows with venture capitalists.

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ACORE Finance West, November 1

Event date: 11.01.16


ACORE Finance West is an invitation-only forum that convenes a select group of prominent renewable energy executives, investors, corporate purchasers, and other top transactional professionals to assess recent developments, increase deal flow and maximize opportunities for financing and development of renewable energy in the Western U.S.

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International Solar Fuels Conference, July 6-10

Event date: 07.06.17

Put San Diego on your 2017 travel schedule for the 2nd International Solar Fuels Conference, set to take place July 6-10, 2017.

Hosted at the University of California, San Diego, this conference will bring together scientists working with biological and chemical approaches to using solar energy to make fuels.

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